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1. We believe in one God, eternally existent in three persons: God the Father, God the Son (Jesus) and God the Holy Spirit.

2. We believe that our Lord Jesus Christ is the Divine Son of God, that He was born of a virgin, that He lived a sinless life, that He performed miracles, healings and deliverances, and that He purchased our salvation through His literal suffering and death for us on the cross.

3. We also believe that He was buried in the tomb but rose again victoriously after three days, and He ascended into heaven to sit at the right hand of God the Father, until He returns again to judge all men at the Last Day.

4. We believe the Bible to be the inspired, infallible & authoritative Word of God.

5. We believe that every person born into the world is lost and needs a Savior. By the grace of God, every person has the ability and the responsibility to choose between right and wrong. We also hold that those who repent and turn from their sins, and believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, are justified by faith (saved).

6. We believe in the resurrection of both the saved (believers in Christ) and the lost (unbelievers); those that are saved to the resurrection of eternal life with God (Heaven) and those that are lost to the resurrection of eternal damnation (Hell). We believe every person is given only one life, and that they must make this decision of belief during that lifetime.

7. We believe in the present ministry of the Holy Spirit, who convicts unbelievers of sin and draws them to God. He also lives in us as Christians who have received Him, and He empowers us to live a Godly life. We believe He gives gifts to the Church as it pleases Him.

8. We believe in one Church (His church) of which all the saved are a part. We believe in the spiritual unity of all believers who make up His body, the church.​

9. We believe the church has the assignment in the world to bring people into a saving relationship with Jesus Christ, and to help them grow in maturity in their faith. The ultimate work of the church is to bring the Kingdom of God to its fullness on the earth until His return.

10. We believe that Jesus Christ will return again to judge the world and to reign forever victoriously.

11. We believe that God designed marriage to be only between one man and one woman for life. 


I) CORE TEAM: Launch Team  (Preparing for Take-Off!)                                                                                                                           

II) CONNECTIONS: Newcomers Classes

     A) 4 Classes: Starting, Structure, Sharing, Serving

III) CELLS: Home Fellowship Groups

      A) Various Days, Times and Places

IV) CLASSES: Focused Teaching for all Age Groups: Children, Youth,  

                        Young Adults, Adults

       A) (Five Levels: LTI/Life Training Institute Classes)

V) CAPTAINS AND CREWS: Leaders & their Teams

      A) Leadership Training Monthly & Quarterly

VI) E TEAMS: 5 Key Ministry Team Categories 

      A) Exalt: Worship, Preaching, Prayer

      B) Equip: Teaching, Training, Connections, Cells, Classes

      C) Edify: First Impressions, Pastoral Care, Administration

      D) Evangelism: Local Missions, Global Outreach

      E) Elders: Leadership Development (Various Levels)


1) CHRIST-CENTERED: The Lord Jesus Christ is Pre-eminent in all our thinking, planning and serving. He is the focal point of all we do. 

2) EXPOSITORY PREACHING:  We offer Preaching that is passionate, practical and Biblically/Theologically sound. The Pastor shares in a 

                                                       dynamic, powerful way and our congregation is eager to learn and hungry to grow in holy living.

3) CELEBRATIVE WORSHIP:  Our attitude reflects an expectant, heart-felt Worship of God, balanced with engaging our minds. The music 

                                                    (contemporary & traditional) is Theologically-Grounded, Vertically-Focused & Congregationally “Singable.” 

4) FERVERENT PRAYER: No church will stay spiritually “hot” without spending time in the “furnace room” of God. Prayer is a top priority in our                  

                                            congregational life, being practiced individually, in small groups and as a corporate body.

5) DYNAMIC LEADERSHIP:   The Pastor is a faith-filled leader, willing to step out in new directions to challenge the church to embrace the  

                                                       opportunities God is presenting us. He always aims to Challenge, Inspire, Encourage & Equip the people.

                                                        New & Young Leaders are constantly being developed who can train others to follow Christ.


6) SOUND DOCTRINE/TEACHING: The Word of God is honored, believed & practiced in the daily lives of every believer. Each sermon, 

                                                             teaching, class &  cell group is grounded in Scripture. The goal is to bring every Christian to maturity.

7) AUTHENTIC CONNECTIONS:  We are always working to connect new people into the congregation. We invite Friends, Relatives, 

                                                         Acquaintances and Neighbors (FRAN’s) to participate in our life together. The needs of our world are 

                                                         great. Many are looking for answers that only Jesus can provide! They can meet Him through us here!

 8) INCLUSIVE TEAMWORK:  Ministries are conducted in the church & community by trained teams of spiritually gifted members. Every 

                                                   member is trained and released into their selected ministry on a specific "E Team." (See "Our Strategies & 

                                                   Systems: E Teams" for more details).

9) CONVERSION & DISCIPLESHIP: Our Key Focus is the salvation, baptism and discipling of a steady stream of people of all ages through 

                                                             the ministry of our church. Every member knows that continual growth in love for the Lord, knowledge 

                                                             of His Word & Ways, & acts of service to His people & the world are a regular part of our faith journey.

10) MISSIONS:  We have a heart for lost people, both on the local level and across the globe. Many of our members serve the community 

                            and around the world to spread God’s love in a variety of practical and thoroughly Biblical ways.


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